Meet Our Team


Ferguson (AKA Fergie)

This kid is a boy cat in every single way. His listening skills: poor. His yelling skills: Incredible. He’s always the hungriest boy in the room. He was rescued from the mean streets of Brooklyn as a baby and lived a pampered life ever since – except he’d tell you he’s had a horrible life and that no one ever feeds him.

Favorite Coffee Order: Thinking every bag of coffee I open is a bag of treats
Favorite Flavor Profile: Catnip


Chris Riffle

Born in Cincinnati but living in New York, I’m here to bring you the best of the best coffee without being a dick about it. You’ll probably find me coffee shop-hopping in the west village. Or lazing on the couch with my cat. Probably the latter.

Favorite Coffee Order: Cold Brew
Favorite Flavor Profile: Chocolatey



Kassidy Reynolds

When Chris came up with the idea for Bean Toes, he called me in to bring his design ideas to life. I'm a Graphic Designer and enthusiastic cat parent myself. My fun, tongue-and-cheek design aesthetic and enthusiasm for all things feline made me the perfect fit for the Bean Toes vibe. Most of the time, you'll find me lost in an art project or working on a freelance gig. If you'd like to reach me for your design needs, drop me a line by visiting my website.

Favorite Coffee Order: Latte
Favorite Flavor Profile: Hazelnut