Our Story


Born and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, I moved to New york out of college and never looked back. It wasn’t until moving here that I really started falling in love with coffee. I started an Instagram page (@thehasbeans) to document my coffee travels and have since been to hundreds of different shops around the city.

In that time I developed a keen taste for the stuff, and started to discover flavors and aromas that I had never really noticed before. It became less of a need for caffeine and more of an appreciation of the coffee itself. And now I want to bring the thing I love to you. I’ve set out to make a coffee company that sells incredible coffee but isn’t so pretentious about it.

There’s absolutely a time and a place for those national coffee chains (you know the ones), but when you’re putting in the time and effort to make coffee at home you should make something your mouth will be proud of.